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Engineering Entrepreneurship

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Engineering Entrepreneurship

administered by Experiential Engineering Education Department (ExEEd


Engineering Hall (REXT), room 129


Department Head: Dr. Stephanie Farrell

Department Secretary: Kathy Urbano


Technician: Eric Dubois




What is Engineering Entrepreneurship?

Engineering Entrepreneurship teaches students the knowledge, skills and attitudes necessary to identify opportunities, determine target customers, ideate, prototype and refine ideas as they work on moving new technologies and services into the marketplace. This program will give students a strong technical background in engineering design and computation while providing students with knowledge of key business practices from marketing to business model generation. Overall, students will leave the major with key problem solving skills and business savvy that will make them attractive to a variety of companies, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations. Whether students are seeking to create opportunities within an existing corporation or create their own venture, this degree program will give them the foundation necessary to be successful in today’s changing economy.



Engineering Entrepreneurship Curriculum Guide - Fall 2017


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