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About General Ed Requirements

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General Education/Rowan Experience Requirements


All Engineering majors are required to fulfill the General Education/Rowan Experience requirements of a Specialized Degree Model.  In this model, your Math, Science and Communications requirements are met from the required courses in your respective Engineering curriculum.  Other Rowan Experience courses are met throughout your required program of study.  For example, Senior Engineering Clinic II is the Writing Intensive (WI) course and Freshman Clinic I is the Rowan Seminar (RS) course.  College Comp II and Public Speaking are covered in your Sophomore Clinic I and Sophomore Clinic II.


15 credits of general education courses round out the engineering curriculum and should be derived from the following banks of courses:


History Humanities Language (HHL) - 6 credits (exception noted below)

BME’s will satisfy 3 credits of HHL by taking Biomedical Ethics, PHIL 09341 (required course)


Social and Behavioral Sciences (SBS) - 6 credits (exception noted below)

ChE and ECE students will satisfy 3 credits of SBS by taking Intro to Microeconomics ECON 04102 (required course);

CEE students satisfy all 6 SBS credits by taking Intro to Mapping & GIS, GEO06.193 and Intro to Microeconomics ECON 04102 (required courses);

BME and ME students will satisfy 3 credits of SBS by taking ENT 06.240 Entrepreneurship & Innovation (required course);


All other majors, the second SBS is a course of your choice 


Artistic and Creative Experience (ACE) - 3 credits


Of the courses you complete to satisfy the requirements mentioned above, you are also required to take at least one course that is designated Multicultural/Global (listed as M/G or MCUL), as well as a Literature-based (LIT) course.  Both requirements must be fulfilled from among the general education courses you select.


In several instances a course may be designated as both LIT and MCUL in which case you have satisfied this requirement.  For example, ENGL 02112, Readings in Asian Lit meets both MCUL and LIT criteria, and falls under the HHL bank of courses. 


Notes: Double counting of HHL, SBS, and ACE courses is not permitted.  If a course satisfies more than one general education category (e.g., HHL and ACE), you may only apply the course toward one requirement. 



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