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Students are encouraged to explore minors either within Engineering, or other disciplines across campus.  Information can be found here.


Engineering Minors

Minors require 18-19 semester hours of coursework.  Admission requirements include approval of department chair or associate chair, and a minimum GPA of 3.0.  Students interested in Engineering minors, concentrations or specializations should speak to their faculty advisor for additional information.  Applications are accepted in the Fall for the following Spring term (deadline November 1), and in the Spring for the following Fall term (deadline March 15).  Please check here for additional information.


Minors in non-Engineering Majors

Students are often interested in pursuing minors in subjects outside of Engineering.  Typical subjects include minors in subjects such as Business, Physics, Math, Computer Science, Chemistry, just to name a few.  Students who wish to pursue a minor should speak to an advisor in the academic department of the subject in which they are interested.  Students should have an understanding of the Minor course requirements, as well as the feasibility of completing the minor within the constraints of the curriculum for their major. Some programs are restricted and will require an application.  Please check the department regarding the application process.


Dropping the Minor - Students unable to complete the minor requirements by the time they graduate must go to the Registrar to drop the minor. Minor requirements that have been unfulfilled at time of graduation will hold up the granting of the major degree.

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